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ISI, AO, CFS, SHG, SAC ….. It’s easy for all those letters to become alphabet soup. You’re likely to run across abbreviations when reading articles related to food, nutrition, diet, and nutritional supplements. We’re here to help you understand them and figure out what’s going on.

The abbreviations of some of the most often used food standards are listed here

  1. TP – Training Partners
  2. TOT – Training of Trainers
  3. SHG – Self Health Group
  4. FASSIFood Safety and Standards Authority of India
  5. HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point
  6. GAP – Good Agricultural practices
  7. HFSS – High Fat Salt & Sugar
  8. GM -Genetically modified
  9. GMP – Good manufacturing practices
  10. GFSP – Global food safety partnership
  11. GHP – Good hygiene practices
  12. SOP – Standard Operating Procedure
  13. SAC – State Advisory Committee
  14. RuCO– Repurpose used cooking oil
  15. RFP– Request for Proposal
  16. RBTS– Risk based Inspection System
  17. NABL– National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories
  18. MDM– Mid-Day Meal
  19. LSG– Local Self Govt.
  20. Infolnet– Indian Food Laboratory Network
  21. NetProFaN– Network of professionals of food & Nutrition
  22. NFL– National Food Laboratory
  23. NLRP– National Level Resource Person
  24. PA– Product Approval
  25. PFA– Prevention of Food Adulteration
  26. QA– Quality Assurance
  27. QC– Quality Control
  28. AO– Adjudicating Officer
  29. AGMARK– Agricultural Produce Grading and Marking
  30. APEDA– Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority
  31. FSM– Food Safety Mitra
  32. FSMS– Food Safety Management System
  33. FSKAN– Food Safety & Knowledge Assimilation Network
  34. BIS– Bureau of Indian Standards 
  35. CAC– Central Advisory Committe
  36. CFL– Central Food Laboratory
  37. CFS– Commissioner Food Safety
  38. DO– Designated Officer
  39. CLA– Central Licensing Authority
  40. FoSCoRIS– Food Safety Compliance with Regular Inspection and Sampling
  41. FoSTaC– Food Safety Training and Certification
  42. DART– Detect Adulteration with Rapid Test
  43. EOI– Expression of Interest
  44. FA– Food Analyst
  45. FBO– Food Business Operators
  46. FDA– Food and Drug Administration
  47. FLRS- Food Licensing & Registration System 
  48. FICS– Food Import Clearance System
  49. FFRC– Food Fortification Resource Centre
  50. FSS– Food Safety and Standards Act | Food Safety Supervisiors

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