Why did Google Choose a different Canonical URL

Canonical Tags even being among the most important elements of SEO are not usually properly implemented. In this article, we will discuss How to solve the “Duplicate, Google Choose different canonical than user” issue.

I assume that you must be familiar with the concept of Canonical URL, of referring to the favorite or preferred among similar or duplicate pages. Canonical Tag is a way of informing Google which page to index when similar or duplicate pages are within the same website.

When to use Canonicals Tags?

  • Similar or identical content should be visible on both pages of a website.
  • Dynamic pages for content syndication that produce many URLs for the same page.
  • When 301 Redirects are not possible to use

So, let’s discuss one of the major issues faced by many of SEO people while creating Canonical tags.

Why does “Duplicate, Google Choose different canonical than the user”, happens?

HTTPS version:

HTTPS version is the most secure, so If the user sets an HTTP as the Canonical, then Google will by default choose the HTTPS version. Thus, the best practice is to set the HTTPS version as Canonical.


The unavailability of a set canonical URL in the Sitemap will let Google choose an available URL in the Sitemap.


When redirection is applied to the set canonical URL, then Google will choose the redirected URL over the set canonical URL.

Internal Links:

If internal links to the set URL is fewer than the other duplicate pages, then Google will consider the other pages more preferred. In that case, Google will choose the duplicate page over the set Canonical URL.

In the End

So above are a few of the reasons responsible for the “Duplicate, Google Choose different canonical than user” issue. Try to avoid all the above situations, and Google will choose the Canonicals URLs set by you.

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