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The Statue of Equality, also known as the Ramanuja Statue, is a sculpture of the 11th-century Vaishnavite Saint Bhagavad Ramanuja“. The Statue is at the Chinna Jeeyar Trust in Muchintal, Bhagyanagar. The statue depicts his knowledge, objectiveness, and values.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed a 216-foot-tall Statue of Equality on Saturday,5th Feb 2022. Saint Bhagavad Ramanujacharya championed equality in all orbs of life and drove home the 11th-century Bhakti saint’s message of equality for all. Sri Ramanujacharya enlightens the unity and integrity of the nation.

Key Features About Ramanujacharya

  1. Saint Bhagavad Ramanuja was born in Sriperumbudur in 1017. He traveled across India, discovering the practices of diverse parts while concentrating on individual needs.
  2. Ramanujacharya illustrated the core of Vedas in the form of 9 scriptures for the interest and well-being of society. His mentors, monarchs, officials, privileged, and ordinary men were all persuaded to follow the path of Bhakti and divine devotion
  3. Vaishnavism’s torchbearer was a Bhakti movement preceptor. He disproved the Mayavada opinion that the world is deceitful.
  4. All additional Bhakti units like Kabir, Meerabai, and numerous others grew as mystic poets after diving into the depths of Ramanujacharya’s Vaishnav devotion.
  5. Sri Ramanujacharya Ji was born in the south, his influence flared across the country. Ramanujacharya Ji gave composition to the Sanskrit Granth and similar value to the Tamil language in Bhakti Marg.
Statue of Equality: Ramanujacharya Statue

Everything you need to know about the Statue of Equality

  • The 216-foot-tall statue is one of the world’s tallest metallic statues.
  • The inauguration of the Ramanujacharya Statue is part of the ongoing Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi Samaroham, which marks the saint’s 1000th birthday.
  • Statue of Equality is part of a 45-acre complex.
  • The project was financed completely by the followers. The contributions were from all over the globe and commanded Rs 1,000 crores.
  • The statue stands on a 54-foot-tall base establishment known as “Bhadra Vedi.”
  • The structure incorporates levels dedicated to a Vedic digital library and research center, ancient Indian scriptures, a theatre, and an educational gallery showcasing Ramanujacharya’s contributions.
  • A meditation portion will be built on top of the foundation. The compartment will have a subtle 120-kilogram gold sculpture of the saint depicting the years he lived.
  • Gold, silver, zinc, brass, and copper make up the figure’s five metals or “panchaloha.”
  • Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami of Sri Ramanujacharya Ashram designed the Ramanujacharya Statue.
  • The Ramanuja Statue is encircled by 108 Divya Desams (ornately sculpted temples).

The proficiency of Sri Ramanujacharya Ji is an invaluable asset to our culture and roots, and the Indian government intends to restore and preserve this great philosopher’s teachings through this Statue of Equality. The Sardar Sahib’s ‘Statue of Unity” and Ramanujacharya’s Statue of Equality recite the country’s oath of unity and message of equality respectively. This is India’s specialization as a country. The Ramanuja Statue, like the Statue of Unity, would draw worldwide notice and disseminate the idea of equality.

Where is the Ramanujacharya’s Statue of Equality Located?

The world’s second-tallest seated statue, also known as the Ramanuja Statue is situated on the grounds of the Chinna Jeeyar Trust at Muchintal, Ranga Reddy. Hyderabad is 36 kilometers away.


Entry gate to Statue of Equality, 58QM+WM Peddatopra, Hyderabad, Telangana 509217


Thursday11 am–8 pm
Friday11 am–8 pm
Saturday11 am–8 pm
Sunday(Bonalu)11 am–8 hours might differ
Monday11 am–8 pm
Tuesday11 am–8 pm

Entry Fees:

Entry into the Statue of Equality is Rs. 150 for adults and Rs 75 for children (between 5-12 years). The cost of parking a car is Rs 40.

Booking Portal:

Plan & Book your Visit

Dress Code:

The Statue of Equality has a rigorous traditional clothing requirement. For men, dhotis or other formal Indian attire is preferred. A saree or churidar is popular for women.

Please Note: Jeans and Western Clothing are not permitted.

Getting to the Statue of Equality in Hyderabad

By Public Transport: Using a public bus, travel in the Shadnagar direction to get to the Statue of Equality. Take the exit toward Muchintal and Peddatopra, from there you can hire a car to travel the approximately 2-kilometer distance to the statue.

By Private or Personal Transport: Ramanujacharya’s Statue of Equality is easiest to reach by taxi or private cab (Ramanuja). In most areas in Hyderabad, you can rent taxis or cabs. You can thus reserve them for the day from the best automobile rental companies in Hyderabad and visit the Statue of Equality and other popular tourist attractions in Hyderabad at your own pace. Most areas of the city require an hour to reach the statue complex.

Fascinating Facts about Hyderabad’s Statue of Equality:

  1. The statue took 18 months to assemble piece by piece in China.
  2. The parts were put together at Muchintal over the course of nine months.
  3. The Statue of Equality rises 216 feet above the ground in its entirety.
  4. The Sri Ramanujacharya statue stands 108 feet tall.
  5. Ramanujacharya’s Thridandam is 135 feet tall.
  6. The three-story Bhadra Vedi rises 54 feet in height.
  7. The Padma Peetam platform is 27 feet tall.
  8. 54 lotus petals make up the Padma Peetam platform.
  9. The Padma Peetam platform is supported by 36 miniature elephants.
  10. Additionally, the statue has 18 chakras and 18 sankhas.
  11. Replicas of 108 Divya Desam temples can be found at the statue complex.
  12. A smaller Ramanuja monument weighing 120 kg of gold may be found at the Bhadra Vedi building.

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