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Statue of Equality | Archenhaud
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Statue of Equality | Why a Ramanujacharya Statue?

The Statue of Equality, also known as the Ramanuja Statue, is a sculpture of the 11th-century Vaishnavite “Saint Bhagavad Ramanuja“. The Statue is at the Chinna Jeeyar Trust in Muchintal, Bhagyanagar. The statue depicts his knowledge, objectiveness, and values. Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed a 216-foot-tall Statue of Equality on Saturday,5th Feb 2022. Saint Bhagavad […]

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Xiaomi XT11 Pro 5G | Archenhaud
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Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G | The HyperCharge Phone

After pitching Xiaomi 11T Pro in the international market, Xiaomi is getting ready to take off its Xiaomi 11T Pro in India. Xiaomi will launch its latest flagship in India on January 19th. An octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor powers the gadget. A 120Hz AMOLED panel and 120W rapid charging are a few of the major highlights. As the liftoff […]

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Fresh COVID-19 Guidelines | Archenhaud
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Fresh COVID-19 Guidelines | What’s permitted, what’s not

As a result of this omicron, things are changing faster than planned all around the world, including India. If you wish to travel to India internationally, even if you come from a low-risk country, you must now undergo mandatory home quarantine. Yes, you read that correctly. Home quarantine is now required for all international immigrants. […]

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