World Chocolate Day

Valentine’s Day and chocolates have evolved into one and the same over time. The world observes Chocolate Day on February 9 every year. This is not the same as World Chocolate Day, which is celebrated on July 7 to honor the year that chocolate was first introduced to Europe.

Some people enjoy it dark and bitter, while others prefer it smooth and sweet. No matter what your preferred taste is, this World Chocolate Day on July 7, join us in taking a mouthful.

World Chocolate Day History

World Chocolate Day, which was created in 2009, commemorates the alleged date in 1550 when this famous confection first arrived in Europe.

Preparation of Chocolate:

Preparation of Chocolate

The cocoa beans produced from cacao tree seeds are wrapped in banana leaves and fermented to produce chocolate bars. Once they arrive at the processing facility, the cocoa beans are carefully roasted at a low temperature. After the nibs are extracted from the shells, they can be processed into cocoa liquid, which is effectively just uncooked chocolate, a fine powder. With or without additional components, the cocoa mass is frequently liquified and shaped. You may buy chocolate liquor in this state. After that, the chocolate liquid is broken down into cocoa butter and cocoa solids.

Most Popular Varieties of Chocolate

Most Popular Varieties of Chocolate

Dark Chocolate-  Tastes like its mother seed and is simply a mixture of cocoa butter and cocoa solids

Sweet chocolate – is a mixture of cocoa solids, cocoa butter, or other fat and sugar.

Milk chocolate – Sweet chocolate with milk powder or condensed milk

White chocolate- is made up of milk, sugar, and cocoa butter but no cocoa solids.

In order to enhance the flavor profile, chocolatiers can now add ingredients like nuts, salts, and syrups. When the ingredients are cooled, they solidify into the shapes of the corresponding moulds.

Interesting Facts about Chocolate:

Since dark chocolate has healthy properties, many individuals are encouraged to eat more of it.

  1. Numerous delights that we enjoy today are made from chocolate, including chocolate cake, chocolate candy bars, brownies, hot chocolate milk, chocolate milk, and many more.
  2. Studies on this delectable treasure have revealed that it is a potent source of antioxidants, lowers blood pressure & the risk of heart disease, and also enhances blood flow
  3. Additionally, it raises serotonin and dopamine levels, which enhances mood.

What to do on World Chocolate Day?

Although some would want to celebrate this day every day, Internationational Chocolate Day provides the ideal excuse to indulge in your favorites in large quantities. Really, do you need more reason to overindulge? Absolutely harmless from time to time.

World Chocolate Day

Almost everywhere in the world, chocolate is a favored flavor. Cakes, morning cereal, toppings, sweets, candies, ice creams, and a lot more things are all flavored with it. It very definitely merits a day of recognition given its popularity.

Ways to Eat Chocolate for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Chocolate Day

You don’t need us to explain to you how to celebrate this holiday, do you? You can celebrate this Chocolate Day by including chocolate in the following ways:

  • Breakfast: How about your favorite chocolate cereal and a few donuts that have chocolate filling for breakfast? You could follow that up with some hot chocolate or a chocolate milkshake or perhaps you’d prefer chocolate chip pancakes?
  • A mid-morning snack: A chocolate candy bar stuffed with your preferred treats. There are undoubtedly many possibilities available right now!
  • Lunch: If you skipped the shake for breakfast, you must have a large, tall glass of chocolate milk! Oh, and don’t forget to have dessert. How about some cheesecake or chocolate pie?
  • Mid-afternoon: Why not try eating some chocolate-covered raisins or strawberries to make yourself a little bit healthier? Okay, so that’s not quite nutritious, but at least it has fruit in it!
  • Dinner: Before you sit down to eat, adults, now is the time to drink that chocolate liquor. For dessert, you might have a cup of coffee with chocolate flavoring and some chocolate cake.
  • Nighttime snack: If you’re not already chocolate-out for the evening, consider having a couple of chocolate mints or cookies with a glass of ice-cold milk.

Make sure to use the hashtag #WorldChocolateDay when posting images of your preferred chocolate treat on social media. Happy World Chocolate Day !!!

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